LooseChanj (loosechanj) wrote,

SimNews #33

Ok, this is just too funny not to mention. I decided to throw a party. Nobody came. Or at least, I thought so...till I noticed a couple people standing outside. (Which took a couple SimDays.) One man, one woman, standing at opposite ends of the road, on the sidewalk. When I noticed the man, he had a puddle underneath him, which means he pissed himself. So I decided to maybe go clean it up, but I couldn't since he was standing on it. Then I noticed the woman. She fell to the ground, and then the Grim Reaper showed up and I decided to try and plea with him since hey, she died trying to get to my party and I wondered if it would have any effect. He just sneered at me and said something insulting about being too busy, blah blah woof woof. (BTW, I'd chickened out and tried to cancel it so I could get in my limo to go to work, but oh well. Not like it mattered.) Then the man died. Then other people started appearing in those two spots. Now I've got a few people standing around outside on the sidewalk. Uh oh, looks like Lola peed herself. I expect the grim reaper will be back in a couple days when she starves. I have a feeling I'm gonna have tombstones all over my lot. Cool!

Then again, when I invited someone else over, they never came. Maybe it's the "neighbor-be-gone" wall I have up?

I tried to leave a buffet out for them, since they appear to trapped twilight zone style on my lot, but they don't even notice it. I also built a stone fence around the new "graveyard". Haha!

Hahahahaha, the maid is trapped! And the others are passing out! The papergirl looks confused. All while I dream of sugarplums in my bed, sleeping the sleep of Dracula. Buahahahahaha!!!

Why can't anyone leave? Why are they trapped? Why can't I even greet or talk to them? I don't care, as long as I end up with a graveyard full of tombstones, I'm happy!! :-D
Tags: simstuff
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